Here's What The YouTube Community Thinks Of Sam Pepper's Latest Prank

1 December 2015, 16:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Sam Pepper

By Victoria Pavlova

The Twitter storm rages on.

Earlier this week, PopBuzz reported on the Sam Pepper's latest prank video, which left the internet and Sam's fellow YouTubers shocked and outraged. Since that video first hit the news, many Youtubers have penned lengthy posts, explaining why Pepper should not be welcome in the community anymore. Some have even urged the YouTube overlords to ban him from the site entirely. 

But some of the most powerful clapbacks were short and bitter. We've compiled some of the  best responses to Sam's "Best Friend Murder Prank" (even the name sounds cringe-y) below. 

One of the most thorough smackdowns came in the form of this tirade from Jack Harries. 

It seems like the YouTube community may have reached a breaking point with Pepper. Prominent YouTuber/Viner Ollie McKendrick had this to say:

Others had even less patience for Pepper's latest ill-concieved publicity stunt. This is the latest round of outrage after another controversial "prank" video Pepper posted last year, in which he went around groping women on the street. 

Less than a week later, several women came forward with accusations that he deceived, manipulated and sexually assaulted them. No charges were pressed at the time, although the outrage of prominent YouTube creators was swift and terrible. Pepper was also banned from the popular YouTube convention, VidCon.

Unfortunately, this round of backlash feels all too familiar.

The story crossed the pond quite quickly (as they do on the internet) and several American YouTubers have already had their say. Choice tweets include:

Point made. At this point, there was only one tweet that accurately summed up the aftermath of the controversial video - and probably Pepper's entire online career.