Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have moved to Colorado

27 August 2021, 12:37

By Katie Louise Smith

Why did Shane Dawson move to Colorado? Shane and Ryland Adams left Los Angeles and bought a farm in Colorado for a reported $2.2 million.

Another YouTuber has moved to the mountains. Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have officially packed their bags, left California and moved to Colorado to start the next chapter of their lives.

Shane confirmed that the couple had finally moved last week by posting a photo dump on Instagram. News was surprising for some but those who still keep up with the Shane and Ryland via Ryland's YouTube videos will know that the move has been in the works for months now.

Alongside photos of their new home, Shane wrote: "My first photo dump is a collection of some of my favorite moments from moving to Colorado last week. My dream life as a kid was to one day live on a farm surrounded by animals and to be married to my best friend. This move has definitely gotten me closer to that :,)"

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Why did Shane Dawson move to Colorado?

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams move into $2.2 million Colorado home
Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams move into $2.2 million Colorado home. Picture: @shanedawson via Instagram

According to, Shane and Ryland's new home reportedly cost $2.2 million – the couple paid $500,000 over the $1.7 million listing price.

The main house features 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Then there's a huge barn that features parking and storage space as well as a small apartment upstairs for any guests. The grounds are also massive, with a huge backyard pond/lake which is big enough to ride around on a two-person pedal boat, per Shane's Instagram story.

Ryland gave a tour of the house in a vlog back in July.

In a previous vlog, Ryland explained that the couple had been thinking about moving to Colorado ahead of starting their family, and to be closer to Ryland's family as they raise their future children. Ryland's sister Morgan has also moved out of California and back to Colorado.

In moving to Colorado, Shane and Ryland now live one state over from Jeffree Star who recently sold his sprawling $20 million Calabasas mansion and moved to a ranch in Wyoming.

Which internet personality will be the next to sell their multi-million dollar Los Angeles mansion and move to a mountain state? Place your bets now.

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