Sony removes half of Shane Dawson's Jeffree Star series from YouTube over copyright claims

2 July 2020, 11:35

By Katie Louise Smith

Sony ATV Publishing have blocked playback on four of Shane Dawson's 'The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star' episodes.

Following his "Taking Accountability" video, where he apologised for past videos in blackface and inappropriate sexual comments about children, things seem to have gone even further downhill for Shane Dawson.

Over the past few days, Shane has lost almost 1 million followers, YouTube has demonetised his entire channel and Morphe have removed the entire Conspiracy collection from their website.

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Now, it appears as though Sony have slapped copyright claims on a handful of episodes from his The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star docuseries, and those episodes are no longer available to watch on YouTube.

Shane Dawson's Jeffree Star docuseries has been blocked on YouTube
Shane Dawson's Jeffree Star docuseries has been blocked on YouTube. Picture: via Instagram, via YouTube

So far, four of Shane's videos – all from his 2019 Jeffree Star and Conspiracy Palette docuseries – have now been blocked by Sony ATV Publishing on copyright grounds.

The videos include: 'The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star', 'The Ugly Side of the Beauty World', 'The Conspiracy Collection Reveal' and 'The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson'.

Combined, they have a total of around 88 million views.

It's currently unclear why the episodes have been blocked on copyright grounds. Given that the videos have been live on Shane's channel for months, fans are now speculating that the reason could be more than just an unauthorised music claim.

Catie Turner, the artist whose music (including song 'Prom Queen') was featured in the trailer and in various episodes of the doc, took to Twitter a few days ago to distance herself from the issue surrounding Shane.

She also reiterated yesterday (July 1) that she had nothing to do with the recent copyright claim.