Shane Dawson is releasing a baby blue hoodie with new merch restock

18 February 2020, 12:09 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 12:20

By Katie Louise Smith

Shane's restock will include a blue hoodie, a grey hoodie and two windbreaker jackets. Robes, re-usable tumbler cups and all pig bags will also be restocked.

Shane Dawson fans, prepare your bank accounts. Shane is restocking his merch store today (Feb 18) and he's launching four new products.

Back in 2019, Shane released his first merch drop with Jeffree Star's Killer Merch which sold out almost immediately. Over the past few months, the collection has restocked and new exclusive items have also gone on sale.

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In honour of his latest restock, Shane has added a grey 'Diet Cola' hoodie and a baby blue pig hoodie to the ranks. He's also adding two windbreaker jackets, with pig detailing and his name on the sleeve. The jackets will come in pink/rose gold and black.

Between this new merch restock and Jeffree Star's Blood Lust palette launch on Friday, fans of the pair are about to be bruh-oke.

Shane Dawson is releasing a baby blue pig hoodie
Shane Dawson is releasing a baby blue pig hoodie. Picture: @shanedawson via Instagram

Where to buy Shane Dawson merch?

Shane's merch will be available to buy on his Killer Merch store only. Beware of counterfeit and overpriced re-sale items on sites like eBay and other marketplaces. The new drop might sell out quickly but as always, Shane's merch store will be restocked soon.

Shane's merch store ( will be restocked on Tuesday 18th February.

Shane Dawson merch: What is in the collection? What new items are going on sale?

With the restock, it's likely that the rest of Shane's merch store will also be back on sale. All the pig hoodies (including the green one), the caps, the slides, the pig bags and the phone cases will be restocked. The re-useable cups and the robes are also said to be restocked too.

The new merch products include:

- Baby blue pig embroidered hoodie ($45)

- Grey diet cola embroidered hoodie ($45)

- Black windbreaker jacket ($45, based on Jeffree Star's prices)

- Pink windbreaker jacket ($45, based on Jeffree Star's prices)

Shane has also shared glimpses of some pig PopSockets in his Instagram Stories too, but it's unclear if they will be available to buy. Shane also spoke about some new t-shirt designs that he's working on. Expect those to be launching soon, but not in this restock.

When is the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy collection restocking?

In January, Jeffree confirmed that the Conspiracy restock will happen in March 2020. There's no confirmed date yet but expect every item to be back on sale, alongside some new products – including the Mini Controversy palette 2.0 which includes that green shade.