Shane Dawson adds pig robe and Christmas sweater to merch store

27 November 2019, 14:01

By Katie Louise Smith

Alongside the robe, Shane is dropping a reusable black pig cup and a Christmas sweater.

Get your coins ready everyone, Shane Dawson's merch store is about to restock – and he's dropping a bunch of new products too.

Ahead of the big (and absolutely chaotic) launch of the Conspiracy palette, Shane opened his brand new merch store in collaboration with Jeffree Star's Killer Merch company. It, of course, sold out within minutes and fans have been awaiting a restock ever since.

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Last month, he restocked various hoodies and surprised fans with a limited edition 'unnamed green' hoodie. As a special Black Friday treat, Shane is restocking again and he's adding three new products to the line-up.

A robe, a black reusable cup and a pig Christmas sweater.

Shane Dawson's pig robe is coming to his merch store
Shane Dawson's pig robe is coming to his merch store. Picture: Shane Dawson merch store

The robe, which has lowkey become Shane's signature lewk, is black with the pink pig logo embroidered onto the chest.

The black reusable metal cup that was featured in the photoshoot will also be available to buy (finally) alongside the Christmas sweater, which has been teased on Shane's social media accounts for a while.

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There are no prices so far but the robe and the Christmas sweater will likely be at the higher end of the price list.

The items will be available on on Friday 29th November alongside a restock of all the hoodies and other merch.

And for those wondering when the Conspiracy collection will restock on Jeffree Star Cosmetics, you're going to have to wait until 2020.

Speaking about how long it takes to restock a collection of that size, Jeffree told fans: "We will not have a full massive restock of every single item – I'm talking bags, mirrors, pig lip bundle, all the palettes at a very big volume – that cannot happen until 2020. Early 2020."

"Now that everything is made, we can make things much quicker but we're still 2 or 3 months out. On a real level."