This Body Positive Beauty Blogger Will Inspire Your Socks Off

16 November 2015, 12:44 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Kassie CloudyApples

By Victoria Pavlova


Here at PopBuzz, we've spent our time in the YouTube trenches. We can tell our Jack-and-Finns from our Connor Frantas, we've watched the relevant VidCon panels and we know our way around a Black Ops gameplay video. 

We also all agree on the fact that beauty channels are life. 

And we're def on board with them incorporating self-love and body positivity into their routine. 

One such YouTuber is CloudyApples, aka Kassie. She started her channel back in 2012 with just straight up beauty and lifestyle videos, which were life, let's be honest. 

We were immediately hooked on her honesty and her studious approach to beauty. In many of her earlier videos, Cassie talked about her lifestyle changes, how and why they made her feel and look better. Typical guru fare, but Kass' chill attitude and her candid tone really made her stand out.

Overtime, the tone of her videos started to change as Kassie started letting us, her viewers have a peak into her life. 

Videos like... well, this one, pretty much made us feel like we were being trusted with a secret (us and 350,000 other people, but, you know).

Lately, Kassie has made us feel better about our bodies (even the weird bits).

She's made us deal with our inner jealous trolls.

And she's created the GIFT that is this video.

The fact that we're getting inner beauty advice from someone who basically looks like the human version of a unicorn just makes the whole thing that much better. Kassie is joining an already active body-posi/self-acceptance movement on YouTube, spearheaded by the likes of Meghan Tonjes, Lacy Green, Looey Lane and many many others. 

What do you think of the body-posi trend?