Tana Mongeau says she would leave Jake Paul for David Dobrik in new video

22 November 2019, 12:19

By Sam Prance

Tana Mongeau also said that she would have a threesome with Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt.

Tana Mongeau has released a new video in which she answers 100 of her fan's "most psychotic" questions and it's bonkers.

Tana is no stranger to getting candid with her YouTube followers but in her latest video she literally reveals all. Tana took to YouTube yesterday (Nov 20) to post a new video titled: "answering 100 of your *MOST PSYCHOTIC* questions... i'm gonna have a scandal after this one."

In it, Tana opens up about everything from her marriage to Jake Paul and their highly publicised wedding to her relationship with her ex Bella Thorne and YouTubers including Jeffree Star and David Dobrik.

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With that in mind, we've watched the video in full and picked out some of the wildest quotes for you from it.

Tana Mongeau says she would leave Jake Paul for David Dobrik in new video
Tana Mongeau says she would leave Jake Paul for David Dobrik in new video. Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, Leon Bennett/Getty Images

In the video, Tana talks about Jake Paul at length and even says that she'd end things with him to date David Dobrik. When one fan asks her: "Would you leave Jake for David Dobrik?", she instantly responds: "Yeah." As with almost all things Tana, it's unclear if she's just joking or being serious.

Nonetheless, when someone else asks her: "What would you say to all the people who say you're too young to be married?", Tana agrees and says: "You're right."

Tana then says that the "dizziest thing she's ever done" is "get married, for love". She also reveals that she didn't decide to be in an open relationship with Jake. A fan asks: "Do you wish you weren't in an open relationship? Or was it voluntary?" and Tana replies: "I wish I was and it wasn't voluntary." Later she admits they will probably never be exclusive "but not because [she] wouldn't want that". In other words, it sounds like that's Jake's call.

When a follower asks Tana: "What's the tea with Nikita [Dragun]'s comment on Jake?", Tana explains: "Nikita doesn't fuck with Jake because he fucks bitches and shouldn't." When another asks: "Which of your friends dislikes your relationship with Jake?" She admits: "All". She also says: "I made zero dollars off of the wedding... but I also feel like Jake probably made some money" and that she would monetise their divorce video.

Elsewhere, Tana states that she and Bella are on bad terms. At first, she says that things between them are: "Really really good, too good. I kind of miss her." but then she adds: "Update guys in the time I filmed and edited this we're no longer good."

In lighter news, she says that she would "sleep with Josh Peck if he was single or even if he wasn't" and that she would "fuck Jeffree Star and Nathan [Schwandt]".

Never change Tana!

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