Trisha Paytas slams trolls who say they shouldn't be allowed to have children

28 February 2022, 14:13 | Updated: 28 February 2022, 14:21

Trisha Paytas hits back at people saying they shouldn't have children

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"To sit there and criticise someone else's reproductive choices just feels ick to me."

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Trisha Paytas has hit back at people who've said they shouldn't be having children.

Earlier this month, Trisha announced they were expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacmon. The YouTuber has been excitedly sharing all the details about their pregnancy, including their plan to raise the baby non-binary and without gender norms.

However, some have criticised Trisha over their pregnancy. People believe that Trisha is not stable enough to be a mother because of their history of making problematic statements, self-diagnosing herself with mental health conditions and being involved in YouTube drama. Some have even accused Trisha of faking the pregnancy.

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Trisha Paytas slams trolls who say they shouldn't be allowed to have children
Trisha Paytas slams trolls who say they shouldn't be allowed to have children. Picture: Trisha Paytas via YouTube, @trishlikefish88 via TikTok

One TikToker actually said Trisha is "the last person in the entire world that should be mothering a child" and Trisha fired back in several TikTok videos.

Trisha explained that although they've had public mental health struggles, drug problems and have been involved in YouTube feuds in the past, they've been clean since December 2020 and have been in active therapy ever since. "I had already been changing, but the day I found out I was pregnant? A whole new person," Trisha said.

They added: "I always say actions speak louder than words so everyone's like, 'Oh she has a breakdown every single day.' It's like I haven't in a very long time. I've disengaged from drama for almost a year. But more importantly my sobriety. I've been sober since December 2020. I've been in active treatment since 2021 and it's working.

"To sit there and criticise someone else's reproductive choices just feels ick to me. I've prayed for this for so long and God has finally blessed me. And I just now more than ever will keep on the good path. But this kind of video already incites hate on an unborn child for absolutely no reason."

Trisha then explained that the hateful comments about their motherhood actually does get to them. Trisha continued: "It does kind of hurt. I guess it just sucks because the whole point of cancel culture is 'we want you to change, we want you to be better' but then as soon as someone changes and betters themselves it's, 'Oh no not you. You're going to always be awful. You're always going to be at a place where you're at your lowest and your ugliest.'

"We cancel people because we want them to change and then as soon as people change we don't allow it. They want us to be stuck in that little hole. I'm married, I'm in a stable relationship, we tried for this child, we went through fertility for this child, we have the financial means, the love, the care, the want, the desire. This is all we ever wanted."

In their final video, Trisha concluded: "I actually feel bad for these people. That's not me being patronising. These are people who actually hate their own lives and are probably going through something in their own lives. And how do I know this? Because I was that person for probably a decade on the internet. I hated and judged other people and criticised other people because I was so unhappy.

Trisha Paytas is due in September.
Trisha Paytas is due in September. Picture: Trisha Paytas via YouTube

"Bottom line is happy people don't really criticise other people. Me and my unborn child have zero effect on anyone else."

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