Tyler Oakley's Hair-volution: The Rise And Fall Of A Phenomenon

21 January 2016, 11:58 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Tyler Hair

By Victoria Pavlova

It's been a wild ride.

1) It all started four years ago. 

the beginning

Tyler was a charming bedroom vlogger and The Hair - overshadowed by his hilarity and killer lip syncing skills - was yet to make a name for itself. I like to refer to these as the Hannah Montana years. An innocent time, before we discovered the true globetrotting potential of a phenomenon.

2) Growing pains. 

tyler hair

Those early years were tough. According to an anonymous source, The Hair often struggled with self-confidence, choosing to isolate itself from the world through snapbacks and other early teens-themed accessories.

3) On the rise.

Tyler Oakley Hair

But you can't hold a good hairdo down. As months passed, The Hair discovered new means of expression and grew in both size and popularity. This was to be a long and fruitful collaboration. Or so we thought.

4) Cracks start to show.

Tyler Oakley Hair

Other artists were clamouring to collaborate with the unit, but it was clear which member they were really interested in. It became obvious The Hair was the driving force behind the Tyler Oakley brand. Tension was building. DIY bleaching kits were flying off the shelves. We were on the brink of mass hysteria. 

5) Hair Mania. 

Hair Evolution Tyler Oakley

Newly empowered by its success, the hair was ready to experiment with new styles. 

Tyler Oakley Hair

Every experiment was welcomed by the fans. It was riding high on a peroxide-scented cloud and setting records no other artist had ever achieved.


The Hair's work was unprecedented. It displayed depth. It was simultaneously mature, innovative and neon.

We were hooked

The world was hooked. The Hair could do no wrong.

Until it did...

6) Peer pressure.


The creative process started falling to the wayside as The Hair's life became more extravagant and its persona ever more erratic. The Hair was seen with some suspicious collaborators and experimenting with outrageous substances. Wigs allegedly came into the mix. Gossip was rampant. 

7) The bubble bursts.


Eventually it looked like the hair had had enough. Photos popped up online of it looking haggard, split ends visible even without a Nicon lens. Rumours began circulating of the hair being hospitalised for "exhaustion". 

8) Intervention. 


The transition was difficult. The Hair struggled to cope without its steady stream of peroxide, toner and Manic Panic. A lot of silver shampoo was allegedly consumed during this stage. But fans, confident that their fave would prevail, sent in get well cards and response videos. The community was once again finding unity. 

9) Recovery.


Gradually, The Hair recovered. The old duo was back together, with The Hair and Tyler finally achieving some much needed balance. Together, they produced their most influential work to date. And while we don't know what the future may bring, we are confident that any hairsperiments from here on out will be a mature, collaborative effort.