Why VelvetGh0st's Apology Is Important

29 July 2015, 11:06 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

YouTuber VelvetGh0st opens up about YT culture

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The YouTuber spoke out about the mistakes she's made and how she wants to rectify them.

When beauty vlogger VelvetGh0st announced her collaboration with Primark recently, it caused quite a divide across the Internet. Whilst Gabby's fans rejoiced in celebration, there was another set of social media users who took the opportunity to bring up Gabby's apparent bad reputation. With over 600,000 subscribers, there's always going to be trolls dying to bring you down but perhaps Gabs hasn't reacted in the best way previously.

In her 28 minute long video entitled 'Honesty', Gabby bares her soul and reveals why she's acted in a seemingly offensive way in the past and how she aims to change it. In a world filled with gloss and fluff, we commend Gabby for her honesty. Here's why her video was important to the future of YouTube.

She acknowledges we all have a digital footprint


When we were chatting to people on MSN and making Bebo pages dedicated to our teenage crush, we didn't really stop to think about the fact a future employer or potential love interest would see it years down the line. With Gabriella, her rise of web celeb fame has been fairly quick and she no doubt didn't expect the level of success she has today. So when she sent tweets several years ago relating to issues like dieting and mental health, she didn't acknowledge the fact that she one day might be famous and seen as a role model. Basically, she did what we all did several years ago before we realised the impact social media would have on our every day lives.

TL;DR: "I'm not the same person. I'm living out my mistakes and my changes online"


It takes a look at YouTubers as role models


It wasn't until mainstream press really took a shining to Zoella that YouTubers were more than people who vlogged for a living and brought out the odd range of merchandise or two. So imagine if you created a channel to talk about your passion and, within the space of 24 months, you're suddenly being hailed as an example of how tween girls should behave. Whilst YouTubers open up their lives for us at their own free will, they also keep a lot private and never asked to become role models. There's no job description for a vlogger and no expected way to behave so when Gabby said she found it weird that she's being seen as someone to look up to, we couldn't help but sympathise a little.

TL;DR: YouTubers as role models is kinda weird.

She says sorry


Amongst the things Gabby has been called out on in the past is the fact she's quick to block people on social media if they offer criticism and she's been known to talk about extreme dieting. Now she's saying sorry. And that's hard. YouTube is filled with adorbs hauls and nice tutorials but to say sorry actually takes balls and we commend Gabby for that. Whilst we're yet to see a major YouTube scandal that would break fans' hearts, Gabby basically sets the tone for how to deal with damage control in future.

TL;DR: She's apologised. 

Gabby finally discusses why her friendship with Zoella ended

Gabella (that's Gabriella and Zoella, obvs)  was such a thing last year and hearts broke when the pair suddenly stopped tweeting each other and appearing in each other's videos. Gabby acknowledges that she and Alfie had a disagreement about Vessell but the subsequent relationship with Zoella goes deeper. With rumours flying that Zoe was being PAID to be friends with Gabby and that Gabby was using Zoe for subscribers, the pair grew apart and Gabby admits she pushed Zoe away. So now you know.

TL;DR: Gabby wasn't throwing shade at Zoe online.

Here's a happier, healthier, more honest Gabby 


And a happier, more honest YouTube in general. If anything, Gabby's video shines through the plastic YouTube culture that we've grown to love but behind the book deals and bath products are real people who feel real things and make mistakes. Whilst we're all pleased to see our favourite YouTubers propel to success, we've kind of forgotten what YouTube success actually means. In the past, getting to half a million subs might be celebrated with few congratulations tweets and a cupcake at home for the YouTuber, now it means bigger advertising deals and a forum on Guru Gossip. How times have changed...

TL;DR: We need to think about the way we speak to YouTubers. Just because they're accessible, doesn't mean they're invincible.