What Is Vlogmas And Should You Do It?

2 December 2015, 14:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Vlogmas Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

Vlogmas Pros and cons

Happy December, crew! It's the season of gingerbread, Mariah Carey and... daily vlogging??? 

If you sit really still and listen closely, you can hear the sound of vloggers across the land switching on their Canons and prepping for Vlogmas - a 25 day long vlogging project, with a video every day leading up to Christmas. Ingrid Nilsen, aka MissGlamorazzi, aka Favourite Internet Human 2015, started the video project back in 2011 and it's taken off in a big way since then. Nothing could go wrong, right? 


25 videos in 25 days sounds like a jolly good time, especially since they're bound to feature a bunch of Christmas shopping, present wrapping, cookie making, etc. But how easy is it to pull off? PopBuzz investigates: 

Pro: You get to immortalise all your holiday memories. 

You can start re-watching the whole playlist next September, when it feels like the purgatory of autumn will never end. 

Con: You have to spend YOUR ENTIRE DECEMBER planning your Vlogmas vids.

Forget eating and sleeping, there's content to be made!

Pro: Gettin' those comments, likes and subs!

It's kind of an easy win.

Con: Your family now hates you.

Unless this is your actual job, you'll just be that weirdo who pulls out the camera during private moments. All in the name of that Vlogmas footage.

Pro: Instant hit of holiday cheer every single day.

Having a video to do every day could help you get out of bed, get dressed and actually do something cool with your day. Not that you need any help but... you know.

Con: An endless cycle of filming, editing and despair.

Your nan probably won't appreciate you being on YouTube during Christmas dinner, but her wrath is nothing compared to that of your subscribers. 

Ok, so perhaps Vlogmas isn't the best idea for the casual creators among us. Maybe it's best left to the pros. While Ingrid, the mother of Vlogmas herself, sadly announced that she wouldn't be doing it this year, there's no shortage of bloggers to choose from. 

May we suggest...