YouTube Prankster Hit A Woman Over The Head At An Anti-Domestic Violence Rally. Literally WTF?

9 March 2016, 11:30 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Youtuber prank asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

When your social experiment is just you being an idiot.

I think we've made our stance on YouTube prank culture known (tear it apart brick by terrible brick). Unfortunately, prank culture, like a snake eating its own tail, will probably never end. 

So you know how 1.4 million women in Britain suffered some form of domestic violence last year? Apparently that kind of statistic (which is widely available in the public domain) isn't going to stop YouTube user Trollstation from highjacking an anti-domestic violence rally with their wildly inappropriate "social experiment". 

Trollstation, who call themselves a "prank crew" (yikes), have uploaded a video of themselves attacking a woman (later we learn that she is an actress in on the prank) at the Million Women Rise march in London. The video is entitled "Woman Goes Wild At A Feminist Rally" and I think our civilization is officially in decline.  

Right, so just so we're on the same page. This YouTube "prank crew" has intentionally sought out a crowd at a rally for survivors of domestic abuse and their allies and executed a prank where the objective was to simulate a horrible attack on a woman. 

The problem with these so-called "social experiments" is that they're not social experiments. There is no nuance, strategy, analysis, or research involved in this. You have, quite literally just bottled a woman. There is nothing experimental about pretending to hurt someone. 

Why. Are. You. Like. This. 

Domestic violence campaigners have called the "social experiment" "revolting". Which, I mean, yeah. 

The comment section of the video is full of misogynistic comments but I don't suppose you would attract any other sort of audience when your content is literally you bottling a woman. Perhaps that is why women still suffer this type of trauma. Because of mainstream content that trivializes their experiences by turning domestic violence into a comedy. 

The Trollstation crew are currently raising money through an Indiegogo account. Presumably to buy more bottles. 

Congrats on the content, guys. Perhaps next you can socially experiment with doing something actually worthwhile. 

What's the tea, guys. Do you think this was just a wild and fun prank or something much more sinister. Take the poll!