Lilly Singh Reps #TeamInternet As YouTube Unveils Trailers For Original Movies

27 January 2016, 14:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Lilly Singh Movies

By Victoria Pavlova

The YouTube Red-volution is nigh.

On Sunday (24 January), #TeamInternet scored a big win at Sundance Film Fest, when the trailers for the very first YouTube Red original movies were unveiled. The freshman class of 2016 includes the Lilly Singh-centric documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island and Rooster Teeth's completely cray sci-fi comedy Lazer Team. 

Coming right on the heels of Tyler Oakley's Snervous, this is another massive step towards mainstream for YouTube and its creators. 

We should probably start with Unicorn Island, since that's the one that made us scream the loudest. You can watch the trailer below, but we'll sum it up for you, cos we're nice like that. It's a tour documentary, showing iiSuperwomanii's life behind the scenes, her rise to YouTube fame and, most of all, her work to inspire and motivate her fans.

Ngl, the trailer might make you cry a little. Look at our smol unicorn conquering the world!

The other YouTube Red trailer unveiled at the festival was for Lazer Team, the awesome/ridiculous sci-fi comedy produced by YouTube's own Rooster Teeth. 

The premise is simple: When a group of...erm...let's call them "not winners" find a futuristic suit of armour in Texas and try on parts of it, they don't know they've just signed up to defend Earth against an incoming alien invasion. And that they'll have to work as a team. And that they probably have no chance. But they'll try anyway because... honour and friendship, etc. 

The film was written by written by Rooster Teeth co-founder Burnie Burns along with Chris Demarais and Joshua Flanagan, and directed by co-founder Matt Hullum. The project was crowdfunded because of course it was.

The trailers were revealed as part of a panel, outlining the production process and YouTubeRed's plans for the future. The fact that even the trailers got a dedicated panel at Sundance means that YouTube is bringing out the big guns for its first push into feature-length films. So will it work?

What do you think? Is this the beginning of the YouTube Red-volution, or should creators just stick to three-minute long vlogs?  Let us know in the comments!