YouTube Vs. Vine: Which Should You Waste Your Time On?

15 December 2015, 16:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

YouTube vs. Vine

By Victoria Pavlova

It's the Internet revolution! Another one...

It seems like every year since 2010, we’ve had a  new social media outlet taking over our entire existence. It was YouTube, then Twitter, then Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Periscope (timelines may vary.)


And while most social media apps are quite content to stay in their lanes, the comparison between YT and Vine comes up again and again. It’s not hard to see why – they use the same medium, have a similar style of comedy and, as of 2015, share a lot of the same personalities.

We’ve seen both YouTube stars like DeStorm, AlfaCat and Bo Burnham migrating to Vine and vice versa, with Twaimz, Nash Grier and TheGabbieShow. Gabbie now makes videos on both her personal YouTube channel and in collaboration with BuzzFeed.

The battle of the video sharing apps is a thing.

But which one is better, really? PopBuzz investigates.

Time wastage

You can totally fall in a clickhole on YouTube and watch 4 hours of videos in a single go. But Vine’s endless, autoplaying loop is literally designed to keep you prisoner. YT wins this one.

Vine: 0 YouTube: 1

Comedy potential.

While there are still a bunch of YT comedians we love and the Harts always bring the lolz, the platform’s been feeling a little stale lately. Meanwhile, Viners invented the six-second comedy game and have been slaying it since #ButThatBackflipTho.

Vine: 1 YouTube: 1

Community Building.

YouTube has given us the comment section, the Project for Awesome, Have a Hart Day, VidCon and Playlist Live. Meanwhile, the Vine stars of today only seem to talk to, well, other Vine stars.

Vine: 1 YouTube: 2

Ease of use.

In the time it takes you to record, edit, upload, title, tag and post a YouTube video, a Vine star has risen and fallen. And that’s not even considering all the expensive equipment you’d need to stand a chance on YouTube. Let’s be honest, Vine’s 60-second, smartphone format makes it approx.. 1000% more accessible to creators.

Vine: 2 YouTube: 2


Everything is sponsored. That’s it.

Creators: 1 Companies: 1


Vine is unofficially known around the internet as the "black social network.” A quick look at the popular page will reveal a pretty diverse lineup of creators in terms of race, gender, etc. A lot of Vine comedy is rooted in black culture, and not in the condescending way some YouTubers have gone for (you know who you are.) Meanwhile, YouTube’s Most Subscribed are consistently cis, white and male.

Vine: 3 YouTube: 2

The TL;DR:

We’re kind of diggin’ Vine lately. Maybe it’s not a competition (riiiiiight), but it’ll be really exciting to see where the Vine community goes in the next couple years.