WATCH: This YouTuber's Honest Struggle With Acne Will Break Your Damn Heart

12 July 2016, 14:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Katie Snooks Acne Video
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"I don’t feel beautiful at all and my confidence is really low today."

We've all been there, some more serious than others. Struggling through your teens with acne is never a pleasant experience and we can all agree, the first place we always turn to for advice is the internet - or more specifically, YouTube. 

That is where we've found ourselves again thanks to Katie Snooks' honest vlog about her personal struggle with acne. Katie documented her experience with Roaccutane (a drug prescribed to treat severe acne) every day for a month, while showing her skin on camera and her journey was almost heartbreaking.


In the bio of her video, Katie explains why she felt the need to record the vlog.

1) So she can document how her skin is changing and improving for comparison reasons for herself and people dealing with the same issue! 

2) To get rid of some of the bad stigma around this particular medicine and show the reality, instead of horror stories. 

3) To show that it's okay to show your imperfections and hopefully inspire viewers going on the same journey.

Katie also revealed she had been dealing with her acne for almost 10 years. She had tried changing her diet, tried various skincare products and even taken antibiotics to try and get it to go. The drug seemed to be having a positive affect on her skin until Day 18 when the side effects kicked in and left Katie feeling defeated and ourselves with an all too familiar sense of understanding.

“I don’t feel beautiful at all and my confidence is really low today,” she revealed. Thankfully at the end of the video, Katie's acne had improved and she seemed to be much happier and confident in herself. 

Since going live, the video has been watched almost 45k times and Katie has received so many positive comments from both fans and fellow Youtubers.

Not only has Katie been HELLA brave to share her story with the world, she's also inspired hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of people who are suffering the same thing. Dealing with bad skin affects so many parts of your everyday life and having someone speak to openly about the issue is like a breath of fresh air. 

If only we had had this video when we were younger!