YouTubers Of Colour: Akilah Hughes Is An Internet Comedy Goddess

10 February 2016, 17:15 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Akilah Hughes asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

All hail Akilah.

Each week we highlight one YouTuber of colour who is making a serious splash on the platform. Sometimes we talk social justice, other times comedy, but we always talk super talented creators. This week, we have a major internet crush on stand-up, writer, and creator, Akilah Hughes

Meet Akilah. 

She is a 26 year old creator who has built a steady following on YouTube and social media. Akilah's first YouTube video was uploaded nine years ago (!!!) but she really started to get into her craft around four years ago. She's not easy to classify because her channel is so diverse. 

You can catch Akilah talking about everything from natural hair to internet vernacular and even butter. She's not a one trick pony. Her humour can be found throughout her super eclectic uploads. 

Her "tipsy review" series is kind of great. 

Akilah interacting with the general public is an absolute treat.  

And Akilah satirizing Instagram singlehood is way too convincing.

Aside from her near perfect YouTube game, you can always count on Akilah for supremely entertaining Twitter hot takes.

Akilah mixes humour with important social commentary and if that's how you like your internet stars then you've come to right place. Plus, if you wanted to see 100% more Akilah, you definitely can. She is currently writing a book out this later year and is writing for television. 

Akilah is cool. Be like Akilah. 


If you need me I'll be writing nonstop until the new year.

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