YouTubers Of Colour: Marina Watanabe Is Your Feminist Fairy God Sister

3 February 2016, 16:15 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Marina Watanabe
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Major *heart eyes emoji*

We're continuing our series on YouTube's best and brightest creators of colour. Some weeks we talk about very funny comedians, other weeks we talk about very talented social commentators. This week, we're absolutely loving the work of feminist vlogger Marina Watanabe aka, marinashutup

Meet Marina 


Marina is an Asian-American YouTube creator and the proud owner of the wildly entertaining series, Feminist Fridays. On her channel, Marina talks candidly about everything from feminist issues, race, privilege, and her own experiences with each of those topics. 

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Her signature style mixes her dry wit with her conversational and informal delivery. She has been making videos on YouTube for the last three years and has been winning since day one. 

From dropping some serious knowledge about rape culture...

To coming to terms with being a "bad feminist"...

And even taking charge of her identity as a mixed race feminist woman of colour...

Marina is talking about the topics that young millennial men and women of all races are finding increasingly important. From popular culture to social justice, rape culture, and misogyny, Marina isn't afraid to tackle any of it.

Marina is probably one of the wokest people on the internet without even trying. 

Aside from all that, she's got very strong opinions on the topics I care about. 

She's funny on twitter but, unlike a lot of her peers, Marina isn't afraid to take on her trolls head on. She's been known to reply to misogynist dummies and drop a little bit of sense on their dense heads. 

If you're looking for a talented, eloquent, unapologetic feminist channel to subscribe to, look no further than marinashutup. Also, if you like good tumblrs, well she has got one of those too.