Zoe Sugg addresses criticism over £395 charity neon sign

8 October 2019, 17:16


By PopBuzz

Zoe Sugg has addressed criticism from fans who say that the price point for her recently released charity neon sign is too high. The Bag & Bones neon light collab is being sold for £395 and will benefit two charities–Mind and CoppaFeel.

Zoe Sugg has responded to criticism over the price of a recent product collab with "LED neon art" retailer Bag & Bone. Zoe worked with the brand on a pair of designs that will benefit two charitable causes – mental health organisation Mind and breast cancer detection charity CoppaFeel!

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The breast lamp is on sale via Bag & Bone for £39.99 while a larger neon sign which reads "wouldn't it be nice" is being sold for £395. Although the proceeds will go to charity, some still queried the nearly £400 price tag.

"They're stunning but £400?!" said one fan on Instagram.

"Something overpriced your teen fans can’t afford as per usual," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"F––k right off is zoella selling a neon quote light for £395, this is worse then the poxy advent calendar [sic]," tweeted another.

Zoe was previously criticised in 2017 for selling a £50 advent calendar, which contained items like candles, notepads, a pen and a star-shaped cookie-cutter. After the controversy, Boots slashed the price of the calendar in half.

Many people have come to Zoe's defence on the issue of the neon lights, pointing out that all the proceeds will be going to charity and neon lights are expensive to manufacture to begin with.

Addressing the controversy on Instagram, Zoe reiterated these points and said that "absolutely nobody is forcing" fans to buy it.

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She explained: "I've seen a few comments about the price so leaving this here: Yes, one of the neons is £395, that is the cost of a large LED neon (which I can assure you is also a great price for what it is, and massively cheaper than glass neon) it is not a price I plucked from the air. This is a company's trade & they are taking no profit from the sale of this. If that is not in your price range and you don't have that money to give to a charity, absolutely nobody is forcing you to buy it. For that reason, I also made sure we released a smaller one at £39.99 for those who still wanted something but didn't have the budget (or the space for a larger one)."

Zoe Sugg addresses expensive charity lamp
Zoe Sugg addresses expensive charity lamp. Picture: Zoe Sugg/ Instagram

There you have it, folks. Things cost money to make

Whether you agree or disagree on the price, Zoe giving the proceeds to mental health and breast cancer awareness charities is truly commendable.