Did Zoella REALLY Just Snapchat Her Way Through The Entire Adele Concert?

17 March 2016, 11:33 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Zoella Snapchat Adele Concert
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

She low-key came through for everyone who didn't get a ticket tho.

If you don't follow Zoella on Snapchat within the next 18 hours, you're gonna miss out BIG TIME. Zoe and Alfie - or ZALFIE because we're ship name trash - went to one of Adele's concert at London's O2 Arena. She was sat at the FRONT. And she Snapchatted the EN-TI-RE show. 

Like, no joke. She snapped the whole thing.

As did Alfie.

We're talking about a 5 minute Snapchat story here...

With a surprise cameo from Adele herself.

But we gotta know... if Zoe payed for these tickets herself and was lucky enough to get so close, did she SERIOUSLY just spend that much money to stare at a phone screen for an hour and a half? Maybe it was a complimentary ticket? Maybe she was recording bits for Adele's tour documentary? WHO REALLY KNOWS. SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS!

Either way, we're not even mad. Zoe is the good sis we all deserve and she delivered the goods last night by simultaneously making us cry with sadness at a 10 second clip of that piano intro to Someone Like You and making us cry with joy that we didn't fork out £100+ to sit in a chair and sob endlessly for an hour and a half.

You can watch the entire 5 MINUTE CONCERT MOVIE before it's too late on Zoe's Snapchat: OfficialZoella.

In other news, Joe Sugg was at the concert a few nights ago and did this. He must be stopped. Snapchat must be stopped.