QUIZ: This Is The Hardest Dating "Would You Rather" Quiz You'll Ever Take

13 February 2018, 12:27

Would You Rather Dating Survival Of The Fittest
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Would you rather spend a day with the guy of your dreams or spend a day with your best girl friends?

It's that age old question: mates over dates? Would you ever skip out on a date with your friends over a night on the tiles with a guy? There's only one way to find out... We've created six of the toughest situations your ever hope to find yourself in: go out on a date with a guy, or spend the day like you promised with your BFFS.  

Let's see just how many guys you choose over spending a day with your besties?







See... it's tougher than you think, right? If you thought THAT was hard enough then tune into Survival of the Fittest to watch girls and guys battle against each other for a huge cash prize. Where will the single boys' and girls' loyalties lie? Will it be mates over dates? Or will any of them give in to temptation and end up ‘in bed with the enemy’?

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