James Blunt Calls Politician A "Classist Gimp" In Open Letter, Then Drops Twitter Sass Bomb

19 January 2015, 13:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

James Blunt arriving for the 2011 Brit Awards

By Jason Gregory

Double whammy!

Last week, Shadow culture minister Chris Bryant said the arts world needed to address the problem of being dominated by people from privileged backgrounds, citing actor Eddie Redmayne and singer (and King of Twitter) James Blunt as an example.

"I am delighted that Eddie Redmayne won [a Golden Globe for best actor], but we can't just have a culture dominated by Eddie Redmayne and James Blunt and their ilk."

Chris Bryant

Well, one of the "ilk", James Blunt, has responded with a pretty epic letter in The Guardian, during which he wastes no time calling Bryant a "classist gimp".

You can read the full letter over at the Guardian, but in short Blunt, a former member of the British army, basically argues - quite passionately - that his education didn't get him a job in the music industry.

"And when I left the army, going against everyone’s advice, EVERYONE I met in the British music industry told me there was no way it would work for me because I was too posh. One record company even asked if I could speak in a different accent. (I told them I could try Russian)."

James Blunt

And then this.

"And then you come along, looking for votes, telling working class people that posh people like me don’t deserve it, and that we must redress the balance. But it is your populist, envy-based, vote-hunting ideas which make our country crap, far more than me and my sh*t songs, and my plummy accent."

James Blunt

James also accompanied the letter with this sassy tweet - but then again, it's James Blunt, so we expect nothing but 140 character sass at all times.

James Blunt

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