We Couldn't Resist Making Jared Leto's Stupid Giant Oscars Umbrella Into A Meme

23 February 2015, 15:33 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Jared Leto Oscars Umbrella Meme
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Seriously why is it so big

There were lots of cool, quirky and unique accessories worn by the stars attending last night's Academy Awards, but there was one that stuck out to us - mostly because you literally couldn't miss it if you were anywhere within the state of California. I am of course, talking about our favourite soccer mom Jared Leto and his ridiculously huge black umbrella.

Jared Leto's Giant Umbrella

Seriously. Look at it. Why is it so big. Was it even raining? I don't think it was even raining.

Can't get a grasp on how big it is? Luckily NASA were kind enough to send us this photo of Los Angeles from space:

Jared Leto's Giant Umbrella

That big.

We decided in honour of Jared's giga-brolly, and the fact that Lady Gaga's red gloves and John Travolta being a creep are memes already coined by the internet, that we'd have a play just to show you how goddamn big this umbrella is.

It looks like a literal black hole, here to swallow Jared and everything he loves.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

It could fit the entire Dolby Theatre in it.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

Or at least everyone in last year's Oscars selfie.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

(and Jared can get in it this time).

Realistically, the umbrella has room underneath for, like, four extra Jareds.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

That is if creepy creeperson John Travolta is willing to share.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

We're honestly positive this thing has Mary Poppins-esque flight capabilities.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

You do you, Jared. Umbrellas are practical, stylish, and catchy since 2008.

Jared Leto Umbrella Meme

If you want to show us your Photoshop/meme-making skills, you can show us your Jared umbrella edits on our Facebook or Twitter.

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