Jay Z And Beyonce Looked Horrified When Kanye West Nearly Crashed The Grammys Stage

9 February 2015, 08:01 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Jay Z Beyonce

By Jason Gregory

Oh no, not again.

Five years after Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony to protest that Beyonce should have won the award, the rapper nearly did it again last night.

Kanye got inches away from the microphone when Beck was awarded Album Of The Year at the Grammys over, you guessed it, Beyonce.

Fortunately, this time it looked like 'Ye was joking, but that didn't stop Jay and Beyonce's hearts from sinking quicker than the Titanic.

FFS Kanye.

My god Bey, he's going to do it again, isn't he?

Oh, ha ha. He was joking. I knew that.

This Vine really captures the whole magic of the moment.

Turns out Kanye actually was pretty annoyed that Beck won, saying that the singer was disrespecting Beyonce by not giving him the award.

Don't worry Beck, turns out Kanye's grudges only last five years.

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