Quiz: Which Chapman Sibling Are You?

4 August 2015, 15:24 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

Jim chapman vlogger

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

They're the family which basically owns YouTube, OK?

When Sam and Nic Chapman launched their Pixiwoo channel on YouTube back in 2007, they probably had no idea just how great an impact it would have on their lives and the lives of their families. 

Since then, they've gone on to help brother Jim become a huge star and other brother John launch The Lean Machines. They even encouraged Tanya Burr to set up her channel after she appeared in some of their very early tutorials. 

The Chapman family are a bit of a dynasty, really. Even mum Judy is a huge hit on social media with thousands of followers on Twitter alone.

So we've compiled a quiz to help you figure out which successful sibling you're most like. Get ready to change your last name to Chapman!

Which Chapman Sibling Are You?

They're basically the Royal Family of YouTube but are you more like Princess Sam or King Jim?

You're Sam Chapman!

You've got talent by the bucket loads and you've worked super hard to get where you are in life. Family is your number one priority and, even though you're a bit of a workaholic, you always make sure you make time for them. PS/ Your brows are OFF THE SCALE.

You're Nic Chapman-Haste!

You're all about the high glamour and you never seem to have an off day. You're fiercely ambitious and you know when you put your foot down when you need to. Despite the fact you're very career focused, your life revolves around your family and you love nothing more than snuggling down with your loved ones, a DVD and some popcorn.

You're Jim Chapman!

You're super stylish and incredibly sweet to boot, you've basically got the whole package. You're so proud of your roots and where you've come from and you can't thank your friends and family enough for helping you get there. Your ideal night is spent snuggling with your other half and your cute puppy... Whilst wearing a Burberry trench, probably.

You're John Chapman!

You're a fitness freak and you're constantly trying to rope your friends into your latest workout. You're an incredibly positive person and always offer great advice to friends and family. You've got a serious silly side and you love nothing more than a big family party where you can laugh and joke all night long.

Pick a drink

Champagne, darling


A green smoothie

Coca Cola

Your favourite subject at school was...





You'd spend £1000 in...

Space NK




Pick a city to live in





Your wardrobe is filled with...


Little Black Dresses



Pick a female celebrity to date


Ellie Goulding

Emma Watson

Cara Delevingne

Pick a YouTuber


Marcus Butler


Tanya Burr

Your friends would describe you as...





Pick a British music artist...

One Direction

Little Mix

Ed Sheeran

Sam Smith

Pick a Real Techniques brush...

Expert Face Brush

Perfected Sculpting Brush

Shading Brush

Setting Brush