These People Just Got Really Emotional Because Kanye West Had A Nando's Before The BRIT Awards

25 February 2015, 18:58 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Kanye West at Nandos

By Jason Gregory

BRITs night = chicken.

Ahead of his performance at the BRIT Awards in London tonight it would seem that Kanye West had only one thing on his mind: Nando's chicken.

As you might expect, spotting Kanye in your favourite chicken restaurant when you're not expecting it can cause a pretty emotional response.

There's the initial shock of the people who are there in person.

Then there's the first person quick enough to open Snapchat, take a picture and send it to their friends, who do the sensible thing and post it on Twitter.

People who aren't there start asking questions. Why Kanye? Why aren't I there? FML.

While others can only imagine what meeting Kanye in real life would feel like.

Finally some clarity: Kanye is standing on a table allowing people to take selfies with him.

What. A. Guy.

It takes a few minutes, but then suddenly selfies from all angles start appearing on Twitter.

As the news appears on more people's timelines and feeds, the emotions just get more real.

Some guys be like.

The "cheeky Nando's" massive soon find out.

One person is loving it for different reasons.

But Kanye's impromptu visit to Nando's isn't good news for everyone though.

Wow, things got God-level there for a minute.

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