Kita Alexander Is The 19 Year Old Aussie With An Addictive Voice You Have To Hear

15 June 2015, 14:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Kita alexander
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

We promise, this one is a goodie!

kita alexander

19 year old Kita Alexander has got the debut track game on lock. Australia's newest buzzing artist may only have one song out but she certainly has captured the attention of musos everywhere. 

Alexander channels euro-folk acts on "My Own Way", reigniting all the Haim feels that you thought had run dry. One listen over at Popbuzz HQ  and we knew we had to staff review this one. 

Megan: Rating - 8/10
Lush. A near perfect lazy Sunday afternoon track, with a driving bass that adds just the right edge. I’m digging Kita’s surfer babe vibe and her tough yet vapory vocals. Bonus points for honey coated, Disney Princess hair perfection. 

Liam: Rating - 8/10
I can groove with this. It's like HAIM-meets-that "Indie Girl" voice that everyone loves to parody. It kind of works with the mood of the music though. A solid 8/10

Kita alexander

Kita Alexander 2

A cursory glance at Kita's Instagram will reveal a beach babe lifestyle that anyone sitting in an office right now will certainly envy. She channels Swedish folk in her music but her Instagram account clearly screams warm weather. 

Nicky: Rating - 7.5/10 
This track is immediately gripping. It's the kick drum effect. Great vocals, a really solid chorus, and awesome instrumentals. The lyrics could be a bit more expansive, if I could suggest anything. But, for a first song I'm really loving the layout and vibe of the song. Really really loving it! 

Charles: Rating - 7.0/10
An odd mix of scandi-pop meets late 70s Californian yacht rock, this sounds like it’s trying to channel Lykke Li and Banana Del Ray while drunkenly riding a surf board. The first minute is alt-pop bliss but then everything hits the repeat button and the whole thing ends up sounding like the kind of chill-out dinner party music you’ll probably listen to in your chardonnay years.


Overall Rating: 30.5/40

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