Brb, Just Getting High By The Beach: PopBuzz Staff Review

11 August 2015, 10:11 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 12:28

lana del ray high by the beach

By Alim Kheraj

We're feeling Lana Del Rey AF right now.

Last night, Lana Del Rey finally shared the official audio of her new single "High By The Beach" and basically we've been listening to it non-stop, on repeat (we're on listen 20 already today). 

However, as with all big pop things, we thought it crucial to get our staff together and see what they all thought and whether we ought to plan a staff trip to get high by the beach with Lana. 

Hollie - 8/10
The fact that I’m not really a Lana fan meant I wasn’t holding up much hope. This track was cutting into my Samantha Mumba time and that’s not cool. Lana’s fans remind me of the girl I was 10 years ago, all vintage dresses and glittery eyeliner, with Hot Chip and Ladyhawke on repeat. I think that’s why I am absolutely in love with this song. It’s nostalgic, cool AF and makes me want to get high by the beach even though I have NEVER DONE THAT IN MY LIFE. Seriously, it’s a beautiful end-of-summer tune. Nice one, Ms Del Ray. 

Charles - 8/10
Like listening to a 60s girl pop singer soundtracking an early 90s David Lynch film with leftover beats from Chronic-era Dre.  It’s basically a recipe for musical things that make us go “TING,” all of the time. 

Alim - 9/10
I’ve realised that I properly ‘stan’ for Lana Del Rey, so excuse me if this is a bit biased, but I think this might be one of the most humourous, well produced and polished tracks that the singer has ever released. 

The loose production and seemingly slapdash recordings of Ultraviolence are gone, instead replaced with an expensive hip-hop sheen reminiscent of Born To Die, while maintaining the naturalness of songs like “West Coast” and “Ride”. 

The slightly trap-esque beeps on the chorus complement Del Rey’s coos as she breathily repeats her intention to “get high by the beach”. It’s so stereotypically Del Rey that I can’t help but get drawn into the cinematic majesty of it all, as well as the absurdity of it, too. 

Bravo Lana, you’ve outdone yourself once again. I totally, 100% approve. So excuse me while I put on my factor 30, head to the sea and get high by the beach with Lana. 

Nicky - 8/10
I’m really happy with “High By The Beach”. I don’t think I could have handled it if she put out another “Honeymooon”-esque track ahead of the album. I loved “Honeymoon” and I get the fact that Lana has to write songs about being sad and misunderstood but I also love when she puts on her badass r&b hat. 

“High By The Beach” is a proper girl’s anthem as well which resonates with me.

Hallam - 5/10

Well, the introductory synths and the electronic feel is definitely a shock! But, then again, the slowness reminds me of her older material, and I’m starting to miss the “old” Lana Del Ray. And, I’m not gonna lie, this is hella catchy. 

At the moment I’m on the fence, but I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m singing this in the shower. 

Liam - 8/10
Leave it to Lana to deliver the ethereal, the spooky, and the borderline nihilistic - "High By The Beach" is everything we've come to expect from her musical aesthetic and much more. It almost represents the opposite of everything you want from a "big summer song" and that makes its impact even greater. 

Overall rating: 46/60

What do y'all think? Will you be getting "High By The Beach" with Lana? Let us know pls and thank you.