What is Lana Del Rey Waiting For?

21 August 2015, 12:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

What Is Lana Waiting For?

By Alim Kheraj

Is she just wanting to get high by the beach? Who knows...

Last night (20 August), enigmatic singer and queen of the wistful bop Lana Del Rey announced her album pre-order and tracklisting for her fourth album Honeymoon, as well as giving away the melancholic orchestral song "Terrence Loves You". 

Now, we know that Lana is all about keeping things low key these days, what with the singer revealing her album release date and the tracklisting via Instagram with literally no fanfare whats so ever. It's one way of going about it, and tbh it's totally working as we're losing our minds at every announcement. 

However, now that the album has gone up for pre-order the full artwork is available and it's, well, rather confusing. Why is Lana leaning on a car? What is the "starline tours"? Why is the font so diabolical? And what is Lana waiting for? 

So we thought we'd speculate a bit...

What exactly is Lana Del Rey waiting for? 

What Is Lana Waiting For?

1) To get high by the beach?

Lana Waiting 1

2) For her McDonalds order?

Lana Waiting 2

3) To pick up her red party dress from the dry cleaners?

Lana Waiting 3

4) For James Franco to finish using the bathroom?

Lana Waiting 4

5) For the bikers from the "Ride" video to pick her up so they can go and rage in an arcade?

Lana Waiting 5

6) For the 'Lana dancing everywhere' meme to finally die?

Lana Waiting 6 

7) For a burrito?

Lana Waiting 7

8) For Rihanna/Kanye/Frank Ocean's album to drop?

Lana Waiting 8

9) For the emotional strain of the feeling of summertime sadness to end?

lana waiting 9

10) At this stage, who bloody cares?

Lana Waiting 10