"Larry Stylinson" Becomes 2nd Most Retweeted Tweet Ever, Because That's Just The World We Live In

14 January 2015, 15:08 | Updated: 28 July 2017, 17:24

1D Harry and Louis
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

One Direction's Louis takes the second top spot on Twitter, and Directioners are losing their minds.

By now you'll no doubt be familiar with the most retweeted Tweet of all time: Ellen Degeneres' "Oscars Selfie", with a whopping 3.4 million RTs.

But did you know that the SECOND all-time most retweeted Tweet came from the Barack Obama account?

...Or it was, until today.

The cute photo of Barack and Michelle from the President's second campaign just got surpassed by this Tweet from One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, basically declaring his love for bandmate Harry Styles. For those of you who thought the "Larry Stylinson" ship was a thing of the past, THINK AGAIN - they've risen stronger and harder than ever.

One thing has become very clear from our research, and that's the fact that "Larry Stylinson" is more than a ship: it's a way of life. Directioners are dedicating their lives, blogs and Twitter handles to compiling every tiny shred of evidence they can to prove that this is a real thing.

So Louis' Tweet, thought to have started the rumours, is the ultimate Hail Mary.

Naturally, the Larry shippers are making sure to take credit for their hard work.

 And some see it as a victory in the face of 1D's management Modest!, whom Larry fans have characterised as the evil antagonist in this beautiful love story, accusing them of covering up the boys' true relationship to preserve their image. Really.

Welp, 1D fandom, you keep doing you. Congrats on your efforts, or something.

Meanwhile, We've got a contender that we'd like to see take the top spot for All Time Most Retweeted. Only 3,100,000 RTs to go:


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