What The Hell Is Going On With Justin Bieber?

20 July 2015, 13:33 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Justin Bieber Interview Magazine 2015
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

We've got a couple of guesses about the young singer.

A new Justin Bieber song has unceremoniously hit the internet in the last few days, prompting urgent questions about when the young heartthrob plans to release his next full length effort. 

The cynical side of me is leaning toward this not being an actual leak but rather a hype-up-the-fans-for-actual-new-music "leak" but that's none of my business


In terms of new music, it could happen any day. Everyone and their mother is surprise dropping new music, but first, Bieber must complete his tour of absolution. 

He's doing the talk show circuit, some self deprecating television appearances, and is even sorta (maybe) back with Selena Gomez. Oh, yeah. The music is coming soon. 

Late last year Scooter Braun tweeted about Bieber's 2015, but we're well into July and so far nothing has come from camp Bieber. 

 Justin Beiber and Skrillex

We know that Bieber is likely working with some pretty heavy hitters. He has a good relationship with hit maker Max Martin (who produced Beauty and The Beat) and has obviously collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo

We also know that Yeezus may be producing (or part producing) on the record which could explain the hold up. If Kanye has signed onto the project while trying to finish recording his own album, the rapper will likely be stretched pretty thin. Plus, there is the fact that Justin scored an invite to Kanye's recent basketball themed party. Bestie alert. 

Justin Bieber 

Rick Ruben and Chris Brown could both be a part of the action as well.  

As far as sound goes, Scooter Braun isn't giving away too much, saying that the new music will "shock some people and make others really happy."

Which essentially means nothing. 

Bottom line: Bieber wouldn't be doing all this stuff if the music wasn't on its way. This 'sorta kinda leak' tells us a few things. Bieber could be feeling out audience reception to his new music by floating out one of the non-singles. He may also be gauging how buzz worthy he is after 2012's Believe and, the tepid reception of Journals.

Whatever the case may be, I am no longer ironically waiting for Bieber's next release. This is for realsies.

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