13 Real AF Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Despise Wearing Bras

14 June 2017, 23:08

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Why are bras...like this?

I think we can all agree that bras are objectively the worst. Sure, they keep your boobs from running amok. But, past that, I don't see their value.

If you've always held a secret hatred of bras then I'm positive you'll know these underwire feels all too well.  

1) Excuse me...

2) The moment of relief when you get home, rip off your bra, and just hold your boobs as if to comfort them.

3) The. Struggle. Is. Real.


4) They only like you when your boobs are trapped.Bra tweet 1

5) That feeling right before your period starts when wearing a bra feels like a contraption specifically meant to inflict pain.

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6) When your strapless bra thinks it's a belt for some reason.


7) My bra strap is showing? Must be the theme for the next American Horror Story.

Bra tweet 2




9) You're always coming up with tactics to avoid wearing a bra.



10) When you're late to the gym and your sports bra does the post-shower thing.

Sports bra tweet

11) Bra strap. You're doing too much right now.Mara Wilson tweet


12) The care and maintenance of them IS A BIT PAINSTAKING, NO? 



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