6 Things People With Anxiety Wish They Could Say To Their Friends

3 June 2016, 11:57 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

It's tough to talk anxiety.

Speaking your mind isn't always easy when you're dealing with the weight of anxiety. It can, many times, feel like something is quite literally stopping you from speaking and saying what needs to be said. Don't worry, we've been there and we totally understand what it's like to feel like you can't express yourself. These are a few things people with anxiety wish they could could say to the people in their lives.


1) "What you're doing is making me uncomfortable and is actually unhelpful"

Often times, people who think they're being helpful force you into triggering situations and circumstances. Sometimes it's public speaking, other times it's making certain phone calls, or going somewhere that you really don't want to go. And, very nearly always, it can feel like there is no easy way of telling them that what they're doing isn't helpful or good. Someone might have the best intentions but it doesn't mean they're doing what's best for you. 


2) "No"

So many people with anxiety disorders find the simple act of saying "no" virtually impossible. Because a "no" is never just a"no", is it? As soon as you tell someone that you can't or won't do something, the endless stream of worries come flooding in. Are they angry with you? Could this have future consequences? Are you being unreasonable? Even though it's a two letter word, "no" can mean a great deal and can be impossible to say.


3) "I'm not shy. I have an anxiety disorder."

One common misconception is that a fear of public speaking or crowded spaces translates to simple shyness. No, not always. People with anxiety disorders will often times exhibit physical symptoms like sweating, shaking, vomiting, dizzines, shallow breathing, and heart palpitations. "Shyness" simply does not even being to describe what is really at play. 


4) "I need someone to talk to about what I'm feeling"

Anyone with an anxiety disorder will tell you that it often feels like they are in an echo chamber of negative thoughts and feelings. That can be anything from a sense of worthlessness to believing that nobody likes you. And, many times, people having these thoughts don't know how to begin to reach out to friends and family about what they're going through. 

YouTuber, Bethan Leadley discussed her own battle with anxiety, depression, and losing friends over a unwillingness to tell them what she was going through.


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5) "I'm feeling weighed down by my disorder"

Life is a stressful thing and sometimes it feels like your every day pressures are a weight that you can't climb out from under. That's a really common feeling but a feeling that it is often difficult to express. You can feel this way at particularly stressful times in your life but a desire not to burden others can result in you keeping mum about your mounting anxieties. 


6) "I'm trying to get better"