9 Real AF Struggles Of Working In Retail At Christmas

3 December 2015, 17:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The struggle is real!

1) Glitter gets everywhere!

Regular showers required.

2) Kids are constantly screaming.

Watching little Jimmy scream for a Lego Millennium Falcon is enough to stop you ever wanting children.

3) Santa is ruined forever.

You've seen him on his smoking break. Childhood ruined.

4) You know all the lyrics to the Michael Buble Xmas album.

By the 99999999th listen it had stuck.

5) You are a reluctant expert at wrapping.

And folding, and ribbon tieing....

6) Hours are insane so you're constantly tired.

Up at 6am, home at 1am.

7) But at least you get double pay.

Make it rain!

8) You need to make the most of your Christmas Day off.

Celebrate hard.

9) Because the day after is Sales Day...

Good Luck!

You'll need it!