10 Dating Struggles Only Hella Anxious People Will Understand

23 May 2016, 13:06 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Raise your hand if dating is an ordeal for you.

Dating is never easy and doing it when you've got anxieties about nearly everything isn't a walk in the park either. That doesn't stop us from trying, though. Here are 10 dating struggles only anxious people will understand. 


1)That feeling of light dread after working up the nerve to join a dating app, and you actually get a match.

2) And then you realize you're going to have to meet up with a complete stranger to have a conversation for two hours. AKA your worst nightmare.

3) So you frantically text all your friends for some moral support and they just say "be yourself". But "yourself" is just a nervous wreck all the time.

4) On the date you're wearing an anti-antiperspirant deodorant but your palms are still sweaty, arms are heavy. And, inexplicably there's vomit on your sweater already. Mom's spaghetti.


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5) You try to be calm and charming but the whole time you're just thinking about going home and not having to make inane small talk with a stranger. 


6) Whenever you get a text from a love interest you constantly obsess about the true meaning of the message. Do they like you? Are they using you? Did they notice your side boob sweat patch?


7) So you spend a ton of effort crafting the most perfectly faux-casual responses to their texts.

8)And heaven forbid they send you a risque message and cause your motherboard to short circuit. 

9) But if you don't hear from them for a while you get sad and obsess about what could have gone wrong.


10) Eventually you start wondering how anyone goes on "casual dates" because it f*cking sucks.  In the end, your one true love is your tv and your couch.