5 Rad Phone Apps Every Girl Should Own

18 November 2015, 16:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Young Lady texting on phone
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Apps to help you get your sh*t together.

There are plenty of apps that have been called "must have" apps. But, since we have such great taste and are discerning AF, we're looking at "must have" apps that every girl/lady should have in their arsenal. 


VSCO Cam is certainly one of the best photo capture and editing apps available. Slowly, but surely, it has become a ubiquitous app in the mobile photography game. Basically, if the year is 2015 and you're still using Instagram's native filters, you need to up your game....today. VSCO Cam is quite sophisticated when it comes to editing (filter options are nuanced and never ending), and they have created a lifestyle around the application which has helped them monetize pretty well. Bottom line, if you're looking for an app that can turn a regular camera photo into a photo that looks like it belongs in the MoMa, VSCO cam better be the first place you look. 



Okay, lets get one thing straight. If you're a lady who is not tracking their period, please start today. It is so useful because the worst things in life are surprises. .You could go the old school method and write it down on a paper calendar (or why stop there? Carve it into a stone slab), or you could download the German created period tracking app, Clue. Clue has a really nice interface and, most importantly, it tells you all the information you need to know about your period and when it's coming. It uses a combination of intuition, averages, and information you provide to creative a super accurate calendar that changes just as your cycle changes. Basically, it's rad AF. 



If you're anything like me, you're always working on 100 different documents on 100 different devices. One of my favourite apps to use when syncing information across multiple devices is OneNote. I know there are a bunch of different apps that have this same function (most noteably, Evernote), but OneNote is my absolute favourite. It's really easy to use and connects through your existing Microsoft account. I can start a document on my phone and be able to access it across all of my devices with an internet connection. If I'm offline, OneNote holds onto any changes that have been made until you're connected to the internet. It's brilliant. 


Companion App

We've all been there. You're out at night in a dodgy neighbourhood and it's a 10 minute walk to the nearest train station. You could risk it or you could get home safe with Companion app. Companion is the digital check in app that allows you to nominate a friend or family member to track your movements via the GPS on your phone. So, even if you're worried about walking through a certain neighbourhood, you can be sure someone is looking out for you. The app was developed by students from the University of Michigan and it will basically solve all your "scared-to-walk-home-alone-at-night" issues. Trust. 


Sounds app

Raise your hand if you love being the first to hear about "the next cool band". Instagram's music app, Sounds, is a pretty decent offering for music discovery. If you're anything like me and you're obsessed with what is going to be the next big thing/what's trending at the moment, Sounds is a really user friendly way of navigating the world of new music. The best part is that there is a huge sharing element to the app so you can share what you're listening to with all your friends. There really is no going wrong.