These are the worst astrological days for the rest of 2020

8 September 2020, 14:55

Here are the worst astrological days for the rest of 2020
Here are the worst astrological days for the rest of 2020. Picture: Getty Images, E!
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Can we catch a break, please!?

2020 has been quite the, um, year shall we say… Cast your mind back to 31 December 2019. You probably made plans, booked holidays and had every hope you would achieve your goals. But then we were hit with the possible threat of World War 3, devastating wildfires in Australia and then the coronavirus pandemic happened. That's not even half of it as well.

Well, we come bringing even more bad news (sorry…). As if three Mercury Retrogrades weren't enough this year, astrologically speaking, there's even more destruction and chaos coming for the final three months of the year. Oh, 2020. The gift that keeps on giving.

The good news is we know exactly when these hellish days will occur, which means we can ride out the bad vibes however we see fit. So whether you're planning on renting an underground nuclear bunker, or you're just burying yourself in your duvet, here are the key dates for your diary.

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October 9 and December 23

Mars turns retrograde on October 9 and December 23. Mars will be bringing its typical masculine energy, so during this time there tends to be more conflict, petty fights and increased selfishness. Expect heightened frustration and an air of uncertainty. Great.

December 21

Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction (when two or more planets line up exactly) for the first time since May 2000, known as the Great Conjunction, and it will be their closest since 1623. That means things are about to get shaken up, we can expect some big changes and even more tension coming our way.


December 31

Leave it to 2020 to be super extra and not give us a break on the last day of the year. Thanks to Venus linking up with the South Node, we'll be making some poor financial decisions and commitments. You may even try to contact an ex again – step away from the phone and your purse.

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