11 Struggles Of Being Broke AF At Xmas

12 December 2016, 14:01 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

broke list
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Since when was wrapping paper so damn expensive?

It's that time of year again - so much joy, so many presents to purchase, so many parties to attend in sparkling new outfits. Only one problem...

You are broke AF.


Being broke is never ideal no matter what time of year it is but in December soooo many extra problems start to appear. Here's a few that should look pretty familiar...


1) You have to choose between buying presents and being able to eat.


Why do you know so many people? Can't some of them just accept on IOU note on the 25th?


2) You wanna meet up with all your friends when they are home but Xmas drinks are EXPENSIVE!


What do you mean there's a door charge the weekend before Xmas? We just want a drink!


3) NYE is fast approaching and tickets are insane.


Can't we all just watch the fireworks on TV instead? It'll be exactly the same as being there.


4) You remember you still haven't got that secret santa present!


What do they even like? We've spoken to them maybe three times all year and NOW we have to find something with a £20 limit? Screw it, Starbucks gift card it is!


5) Work organise a big Xmas dinner at a restaurant that's waaayyyy too posh.


What's wrong with the golden arches? That's festive and cheap...


6) Oh god, we have to WRAP these gifts as well don't we?


Do you think people will believe us if we say we didn't wrap them in order to save the environment?


7) Christmas cards cost way too much. 


Please stop sending us cards - we do not want to have to reply in kind. 


8) We can't even afford to hit the Boxing Day sales.


We've had our eye on that coat for months and now it's got 70% off and it's STILL way too expensive.


9) Our next pay cheque isn't until the end of January!


Tell us how are we supposed to make £9.20 stretch out across three whole weeks? Go on - we'll wait!


10) You asked for straight-up cash from your relatives and they give you gift tokens.


I can't buy food from Anthropologie can we Grandma? You chose WRONG!


11) You just know it's going to happen again next year.


Maybe we'll manage to save through 2017 so we're better prepared next ti...oh f*ck it, who are we kidding?


Merry Xmas everyone - hope you find some change hidden down the back of the couch...

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

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