If You’re Not At Disney This Halloween, You’re Not Doing It Right

1 September 2016, 16:46 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

disneyworld halloween
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Welcome to the spookiest place on earth...

You think you've done Halloween before. You think it's your fave holiday; that your costume is always on point; that you wish every day was October 31st...

But you don't know sh*t about Halloween until you've done Halloween...at Disney World!

Yes, the happiest place on earth has begun it's annual Halloween celebrations which run for nearly 2 months (!) from September 2nd to, of course, actual Halloween.

And, judging by these pics of the scenery, it is gonna be lit.

1) There's a live Hocus Pocus show! 

Disney Parks

It also features Cruella, the Evil Queen and the truly terrifying Doctor Facilier from Princess And The Frog.


2) There's a ghost parade!

As if the dancing ghosts in the Haunted Mansion ballroom weren't enough, now they are taking over the WHOLE OF MAIN STREET!!! 


3) Giant pumpkins everywhere! 

Pretty sure they may turn into some kind of enchanted carriage too. That's what we heard anyway.


4) Halloween-specific treats!

Perfect for the trick or treating sessions that take place all over the park! 


5) The Merch!!!!

Dammit Mickey, just shut up and take my money. ALL MY MONEY!!!


6) And, of course, fireworks!

Everything is just better when you add fireworks isn't it?


7) Plus, have you seen what they do to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland this time of year? 


Jack Skellington for the win people!

So no matter how you plan on spending Halloween, just know that people at Disney are having more fun than you are.

Like, a lot more fun.