The Unmistakable Stages Of Trauma After Cracking Your Phone Screen

20 November 2015, 17:50 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Emotional Journey

By Victoria Pavlova

You never think it could happen to you...

All men must die, says George Martin. All screens must crack, say I.  And if it hasn't happened to you just yet, don't worry. It will.  

And the emotional toil will be intense. You think you know, but you have no idea. 

Against everyone's better judgement, you don't get that screen protector.

You're young and free and like to live on the edge.

It might not be today, not even tomorrow... but one day, the unthinkable happens.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't the first time, but you just KNOW something's different today.

You physically feel the point of impact.

Nope. Nopenopenope.

When you first check your phone, you refuse to believe it.

You desperately wipe at the screen, hoping it's just a hair.

This is not a drill! Engage panic mode!

Literally this can't be happening right now. You're not due for an upgrade for another three months!

The bargaining stage: you try to patch things up.

Maybe a brand new screen protector will help? A pretty phone case? You heard they make steel ones now.

The crack is merciless.

You can't stop the spread. This is some Walking Dead s**t right here.

Like the Gryffindor you are, you refuse to give up on your phone.

This might be your longest relationship to date! Also, you're kinda broke rn.

You keep your head high, but people are talking.

You can just feel the shade.

Your stock is dropping rapidly. Something must be done!

Maybe just a few more days... it can take just one more week, right???

As your phone screen starts to go out in sections, all hope is lost.

The end is nigh.

Heart heavy and wallet light, you buy the FREAKING NEW PHONE.

What is this feeling? Is this what freedom is???