13 Songs That Will Help You Survive Your First Week At University

5 September 2016, 17:30 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Twenty One Pilot Brendon Urie Marina Diamonds
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

New start, new friends, new music...

It's September, which means two things. Firstly, it will finally be socially acceptable to wear your favourite faux-fur coat again and, secondly, thousands of you will be heading off to University this month.

There isn't really anything anyone can say that will prepare you for your first true taste of freedom but there will be situations that you are almost certain to come across. But instead of giving you an advice column on how to navigate these choppy waters, we thought we'd give you a song instead, because a) we're really shit at advice but b) we're much better at picking music. So, first things first...


1. They'll be the sudden realisation, once your parents have dropped you off, that: 'Fuck - this is actually happening'. Yes, it is, hunty. Stick this on. 


2. You know you need to make friends and you'll probably be too scared to leave your room at first. While you're freaking out, put this on.


3. Why is it once you've finally plucked up the courage to say hello, you instantly forget their name? Welcome to the next month of your life.


4. You sign up to all the groups and societies and turn up to precisely zero of them? That's ok, you're doing your best.


5. And you're hungover, so that's a reasonable excuse not to turn up, right? You're a hot mess. Embrace it.


6. And pizza. You'll eat a lot of pizza, hangover or no hangover. You'll probably get high, order pizza and watch this on loop:


7. Mistakes happen. Like making out with your flatmate, or worse, on your first night out. Don't panic.


8. There are worse problems, like when the fire goes off at 4am.


9. You'll get your first proper crush and it will be like Romeo and Juliet only with more instant noodles. 


10. The 'I've spent all my money but IDGAF' banger.


11. At one point you'll be handed the aux cord at a party. Don't fuck it up. Play this song:


12. The 'I miss my mum' melancholic bop (don't try to be cool we all miss our mums, okay?)


13. And after all the debauchery and excess, you finally remember that you've got to study. Put this on to get you in the mood: