18 gross things we did before coronavirus that will never be the same again

11 November 2020, 17:22

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Sorry to my immune system.

The world is obviously completely different to how it was before coronavirus. Who would have thought 2020 would bring in lockdown, social distancing and even the dreaded 10pm curfew? Sometimes it's hard to actually remember what life was actually like before the pandemic.

Let's be honest, things probably won't go back to how they were but with the new coronavirus vaccine on its way, we could soon start slowly returning back to a hint of normality.

It's probably wise that we don't go completely back to the pre-mask era, though. Sharing drinks in the club? Not washing your hands after spending caressing a pole on public transport? Kissing people we'd only just met? Grim. It's probably best to remind ourselves of all the disgusting things we did before COVID-19 and reminisce about all the habits we'll probably have to drop (RIP).

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Here's 18 gross things that will never be the same again after coronavirus
Here's 18 gross things that will never be the same again after coronavirus. Picture: Getty Images, Pop

1) Sharing food and drinks

If you've been out with friends, sharing food and drinks is something that you wouldn't even think about. Oh well, more food for us…

2) Sharing cigarettes

It's probably best to not put your mouth on something that someone else has ever again. Reuters reported that a group of 13 people in Thailand were actually infected with coronavirus after sharing drinks and cigarettes.

3) Kissing random people

Sure, it's fun but swapping saliva!? Complete madness.

4) Blowing out candles on birthday cakes

Wow, we really ate cakes covered in saliva. Because who doesn't love a chocolate fudge cake with a sprinkling of bacteria.

5) Shaking hands

How was touching someone else's hand that you don't know where it's been ever been considered an acceptable greeting? We're definitely never doing that again. Ever.

6) Not wiping down gym equipment

Picture the scene: you've just accomplished your personal best at the gym. You're absolutely dripping in sweat, in fact, it's all over the weights and treadmill, and you simply… walk off for the next person to touch your sweat!? What were we thinking…

7) Asking strangers to take photos of you

Sometimes you're so dedicated to getting a glam group pic for the 'gram that you forget that when asking a stranger to take your photos, they're getting all their germs all over your phone. It's no wonder phones are notoriously covered in germs – and faeces.

8) Sharing an UberPool

Sharing an enclosed, airless Uber with a complete stranger? What could go wrong? Luckily, Uber suspended their Pool service in the UK, United States and Canada, in March.

9) Taking free samples

Let's be honest, we only go to Costco for the freebies, but all that food exposed to the elements? Risqué.

10) Going to a buffet

Ok, we know buffets were already sketchy. One sneeze near the sweet and sour chicken and the whole room had a cold. But now? We will never go back. RIP, Pizza Hut salad bar.

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11) Drinking from the gym water fountain

The gym water fountain used to be the place to socialise but given its proximity to other people's mouths and noses frankly it's a little gross.

12) Getting on packed public transport

We all used to bundle on public transport pressed face-to-face and not even give it a second thought. Not to mention touching the poles that about 289,723,389 other people have touched. Never again.

13) Eating on public transport

Again, why? A Pret sandwich might be irresistible but the added bacteria? Not so much.

14) Handling cash

We been knew that notes contain some serious bacteria, but did that stop us hitting the ATM? No.

15) Sharing lip balm with your pals

Putting your grubby little fingers into your friends tiny pot of Vaseline? Yeah, why not.

16) Eating without washing your hands first

Let's be real here: did we all wash our hands before each meal, seriously?

17) Being face-to-face with random people on the dance floor

Ah, the clurrrb. Being packed onto a tiny, sweaty dance floor with a group of strangers. What a moment.

18) Using makeup testers

Who cares if 10 people before me put this lipstick on their lips before me? We need this gloss now! Thankfully, most stores have now suspended testers.