14 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For People Who Are Lazy AF

11 August 2016, 17:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Growing Up Lazy Problems
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

National lazy day? I celebrate that 365 days of the year!

In case you missed it (because you were too ~lazy~ to check the Twitter trends), August 10 was #NationalLazyDay. For those of us who wear our laziness as a badge of honour, we spent the majority of our day cultivating our timelines and retweeting the most accurate lazy memes for our non-lazy friends to see. In the spirit of #NationalLazyDay, here's 14 of the realest tweets about growing up lazy. You're gonna have to RT all of them.

1) Being lazy doesn't just come naturally to you, it's a skill you have to master over time.


2) A true lazy person knows that achieving a bin that looks like this requires time and perseverance.


3) If there's anything you can do to make your life easier, you'll do it.


4) Haters will say you're lazy, but in truth, you're a genius.


5) You're always trying to find hacks for your lazy lifestyle.


6) You pull this stunt every time and it doesn't even matter whose house you're in. 


7) When you're too lazy to celebrate your own achievements...


8) Your procrastination skills are second to none.


9) You're so lazy, you'll risk certain death for an extra 5 minutes in bed.


10) Life Motto, innit.


11) Life is too short to sit up straight, fam.


12) Why waste time and energy shaving both legs when jeans like this are available for home delivery? 


13) You're so lazy that you don't even make any special plans to celebrate your people's national holiday.


14) In fact, your laziness will always shine through even when you're not *trying* to be lazy. 


So accurate that it's hurting every lazy bone in our bodies. *retweets*

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