17 Struggles Only People Growing Up Queer Will Understand

27 July 2016, 15:49 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 14:33

Troye Sivan Asset
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Well this is awkward...

Growing up queer comes with its own unique pressures and problems, and it can often feel like you're the only one going through it. 

Thank god for the internet and hashtags. Now, you can find a community of like-minded people to share advice and stories. And what better way of venting your frustrations and fears with a good bloody meme. Seriously though, humour can be a saviour, especially in these troubling times, and these people have got it DOWN.


1. Ok, hands up, who's first kiss went down exactly like this?


2. Tfw your parents are trying to understand but not quite getting it.


4. Sometimes you feel like you're in the secret services.


5. Literally.


6. Your school has a LONG WAY to go on challenging gender binaries.


7. If only...


8. Awkward encounters are pretty much a daily experience.



9. You think about holidays a little differently to your straight friends...


10. :(


11. Sleepovers (or lack of) with the opposite sex isn't a problem.




13. Psychology lessons can get a little sketchy.


14. Coming out while still in school can be dramatic, to say the least.


15. And there can be a lot of confusion too.


16. And the stupid questions? Always with the stupid questions...


17. When in doubt, just send them this gif.