The Tumblr Guide To Adulting Like A Boss

28 October 2015, 15:19 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Tumblr and wings!

By Victoria Pavlova

When in doubt, just .gif it.

Shall we all admit that we don't know how to do this thing called adulthood?

There there. It's ok, you little snowflake, Tumblr is here to help. Because if it's on Tumblr, you know it has to be true... right? Here's a compilation of Tumblr's most important lessons in grownup-dom. No need to thank us. 

Monday mornings are a thing now.

But it's fine because Tumblr has the cure.

Learn how to cook, so people don't hate you.

Cooking skills = love, apparently.

It's ok to be a lazy piece of s*** sometimes. You do you.

You know you'll get it over and done with eventually.

This is how you rent your first place...

... Or handle a stolen wallet.

Work doesn't always have to be hard and boring.

...Only most of the time.

 But whatever happens, try to keep your childlike curiosity.

And remember - you're beautiful.

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