7 Decorating Hacks To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Stress-Free Zone

11 November 2016, 21:47 | Updated: 19 June 2017, 12:26

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Here's how to nix your stress and anxiety as soon as you walk in the door.

I can, with some degree of confidence, say that most people like coming home to a cozy bedroom. In fact, I think most people's main criteria for a bedroom rests upon the coziness factor. While "cozy" is all well and good, there are actually steps you can try to make your bedroom a stress free zone. 


1) Smells

How your room smells is actually a really important part of de-stressing. We know that the brain reacts strongly to smells and we also know that aromatherapy is a widely practiced method of stress relief. Room sprays, candles, and diffusers can all do the trick for a sweet smelling abode and here are the best scents for stress relief. 


  • Rose - Mood lifter
  • Vanilla - Antidepressant and tranquilizing 
  • Lavender - Tension reliever 




2) True blues

You don't have to go painting your entire room blue, but accents like blue pillowcases, cushions, and trinkets go a long way toward color hacking your moods. According to HuffPo, "Traditional Feng Shui wisdom says that blues can slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure. The most stress-reducing tones are soft, watery blues."


3) Go green 

Having plants in your bedroom is a stress reliever in a couple of ways. Firstly, research backs findings that gardening is an effective stress management activity. Secondly, there are actual plants that are very effective at improving the overall "vibe" of your bedroom.


  • Lavender plants for stress 
  • Aloe Vera plants for better air quality 
  • Succulents for better air quality 



4) DIY your way to a good vibes corner

A fun DIY project to try in order to inject some good vibes into your bedroom is a shadowbox of your six best memories in a single frame. See this photo display project from the bloggers at Yellow Brick Home. It's a project you can do on the cheap that will have you reaping those residual good vibes every time you walk into your room


5) Balance

Your brain loves symmetry! There's a reason why we're more drawn to balance than we are to complete randomness.  Symmetry in your bedroom can be achieved in the form of accent walls, accessories, or even the layout of your furniture. You don't have to feng shui your bedroom tonight, but next time you pick up a poster, consider not only its placement, but how it will affect the balance of your bedroom. 

6) Make your freaking bed.

We know it's a tall order to suggest you should be in a constant state of tidying your bedroom. Life can get away from. Making your bed, however, is a 2-minute task that instantly reduces the clutter of your bedroom. Clutter expert, Andrew Mellen told HuffPo that a cluttered space leads to overstimulation of the mind and overstimulation leads to...yup, you guessed it: an inability to focus. 

Wanna feel automatically less stressed when you walk through the door? Make your bed before you leave. Easy. Want to sit down to study and actually learn something. Make your bed. 


7) Do this now. 

Think of a book you love. Better yet, think of a film you could watch 100 times. Even better still, think of your favourite band in the entire world. Great. Type Amazon into your browser right now and buy a poster of that thing. Frame it and put it somewhere that your eye is constantly drawn to it. 

Seeing something you love every single day will genuinely bring you a whole lot of stress-free joy. 

Cheap frame hack: 
Check in second-hand shops, used book shops, flea market etc etc for frames. New frames, especially A1 size will cost a fair bit.

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