Can You Really Unlock Your iPhone Without Using The Passcode?

8 March 2016, 12:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Or is it all just a hoax?

iPhone passwords are the bane of our existence - particularly when we've got a secretive friend who won't let us look at their Camera Roll. But after going viral over the weekend, a video claiming to show how you can unlock your iPhone without using the pass code has seemingly answered all our evil prayers.

It has so far amassed over 500k+ views on YouTube.

There's also another video that claims to bypass the pass code by using the 'Share...' option in the Clock text field that will take you to Messages. You then paste the text into the address line, and click 'Add'. Once you're in the Address Book, you click the home button and VOILA. #HACKED. 

The video above takes you via the iTunes store and out the secret hatch door into the wild so you can wreak havoc on your mates' social media accounts. 


Naturally, we decided to try it for ourselves. We tried both variations - and they worked. That was until we tried to do it on an iPhone that hadn’t registered Touch ID and we suddenly discovered it was all a big hoax. Turns out, the truth is always lurking within the YouTube comment section.

YouTube Comments

You see… the 'glitch' only seems to work on a Fingerprint ID iPhone. We tried it once with our unlocking thumb, and once with our non-unlocking thumb. Looks like you can only get into the home screen if you have activated Siri with your Touch ID. 

Many are reporting that it had previously worked for them without using Touch ID, with some also claiming that Apple have patched the iTunes Store 'glitch'. So was it an actual glitch? Or no? 

Ugh, we honestly thought we were onto something there. Either way, it's still a brilliant trick to fool your technophobe Dad into thinking his iPhone can get hacked. And a great one to tell your clueless friends about that'll leave them fearing for their Facebook Statuses forever more.

Did it work for you? Let us know!