14 Useful Gifts You’ll Want This Year If You’re Millennial Trash

10 December 2015, 17:34 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

HINT: It's not another set of Body Butter, Grandma.

NEWSFLASH: Nobody wants material things for Christmas anymore. Gone are the days of unwrapping a brand new board game or a fancy set of shower gel and body wash. We want things that will really make a difference in our lives. So if you're still wondering what to buy the Millennial in your life, THESE are the gifts we ALL want to find under the tree this year:

1) The gift of unlimited Wifi.

Everywhere and anywhere you go. No dipping signals, no having to submit your email for 10 free minutes... just pure, unadulterated wifi.

2) The gift of free Pizza.

Delivered straight to our door, morning noon and night with just a push of a button.

3) The gift of free Netflix.

And to be able to have access to every country's Netflix library. Completely free of charge. It'd be a christmas miracle.

4) The gift of being guaranteed of over 25 likes on Instagram. 

May we never have to look at those unsightly usernames again.

5) The gift of a zoom feature for Instagram profile pictures.


6) The gift of an edit button for our incoherent tweets.

Seriously, it's almost 2016... is it too much to ask for?!

7) The gift of a #Spoiler blocker on Twitter.

If this was the only present we got under the tree this year, that'd be more than ok.

8) The gift of an instant hangover cure.

Because of ALL THE REASONS. 

9) And the gift of an extra weekend so we can recover from the actual weekend.

10) The gift of a crowdfunded holiday.

Because we're neck deep in student loans and we just want someone else to pay for it. Get us to that airport!

11) The gift of an official *NSYNC reunion.

We're talking an official tour. Not just a two second appearance at the VMAs... an official 6 month long arena tour. OK, JUSTIN!?

12) The gift of a drunk text blocker.

Save a life this Christmas.

13) The gift of Leo DiCaprio winning an Oscar.


14) The gift of never having to talk on the phone to anyone ever again, ever. 


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