15 Minor Inconveniences That Always Feel Like The World Is Ending

20 June 2017, 20:51 | Updated: 20 June 2017, 21:01

Minor inconvenience
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

When you step on a wet patch while wearing socks. FML.

Life is full of minor inconveniences. Most of the time we can get on with life, but sometimes the little stressful moments REALLY get to us. 

1) Like when someone eats the food you were saving in the fridge.

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2) Stepping on a wet patch on the floor while wearing socks.

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3) Getting all cozy in your bed and then realizing you have to pee.

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4) When your bus pulls away just as you are walking up to the bus stop.

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5) Not having enough milk left to eat your bowl of cereal.

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6) Sitting down to eat your meal but Netflix isn't loading.

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7) When the internet is down for more than 120 seconds.

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8) Forgetting your umbrella and getting caught in the rain.

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9) Getting locked out of an account for entering the wrong password too many times.

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10) Having to poop in a public toilet. 

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11) Showing your hairdresser a reference picture and watching in mild irritation as they do something totally different. 

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12) Having to enter captcha on your phone. 


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13) Running out of phone battery in public.

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14) Being the first one of your friends to arrive somewhere so now you have to wait for their late asses.

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15) Spending approximately 100 years unraveling your headphones. 
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