5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make Before They Turn 18

11 October 2016, 21:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Make these mistakes so you can become a stronger person.

In the immortal words of Hannah Montana: "Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days". Most of us don't love making mistakes, but there are some errors that are actually good for us in the long run. 


Almost fail a class

Obviously, you want to do well in all your subjects and set yourself up for future success. But having the experience of near failure can be one of the most healthy things that happen to you. Now, I'm not saying you should go out and intentionally fail a class. But if you've already had a brush with bad grades and you've beat yourself up for it--stop. 

Professor of Mathematics, Tim Chartier usually tells his students the following: 

Look not only for where you succeed but where you believe that you didn’t. It is here that you can learn how you learn, how you achieve, and what challenges you. You can learn to trust your thoughts.

Tim Chartier

Experience complete burnout

Total burnout happens to the best of us. 

We study too hard; go too long without sleep; put all our efforts into our various activities, and only realize we've gone too far when it's too late. Learning your limits is a huge part of growing up, but only if you actually learn something from it. When we experience mental and physical burn out, we learn way more about ourselves and how our bodies operate than we would otherwise.


Make bad choices in your love life.

Being a teenager is like being a lightning rod for bad decisions. That definitely includes bad decisions in your love life as well. Obviously, we all want to feel good about people we're in a relationship with, but that's hard in your teen years considering the fact that almost everyone in high school is garbage person. 

Before you take the big plunge into adulthood, you're allowed to date that flakey type with zero ambition. Trust me, it's character building and will help you know who to avoid in the future. 


Be horrible with money.

Get this out of your system as soon as possible. Spend all your money as soon you get it. Be perpetually broke. Constantly borrow money from your parents and siblings. Doing this early and often can be the key to unlocking your inner responsible adult. You have permission to be perpetually sh*t with money because one day you won't be. 

Be a bad friend.

We all have moments where we wish we'd been a better friend to someone. Whether it's helping them through a bad break up, issues with anxiety and depression, or being there when they've experienced a loss. 

Fortunately for most of us, strong friendships tend to last the test of time and people are forgiving. You'll probably look back on a moment when you were a bad friend and seriously regret it. But you're allowed to be selfish when you're young and realizing your worst qualities is character building as well. 

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