3 Way Cooler Things To Celebrate Instead Of Valentine's Day

5 February 2016, 16:34 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova

Love is great, but wine is better.

Listen, we know that day is coming up. That day, which shall not be named. That day that falls on the 14th and marks the exact time every year, where you find yourself completely BAE-less.

But really, do you need to put yourself through that? We thought not. So here are three other perfectly appropriate holidays to celebrate this February 14. 

1. Anna Howard Shaw Day.

Did you know that Feb. 14 also marks the birthday of famed American suffragette Anna Howard Shaw? What a wonderful occasion. Liz Lemon couldn't make it a thing, but we're bringing it back. We propose you celebrate by reading The Feminine Mystique in a bath full of champagne. Or, ya know, Netflix and Thai food. Treat yourself, friend.

2. Galentline's Day.


Galentine's is technically celebrated on the 13th of February, but that's the beauty of being single - you can do whatever the f- you like. Celebrated by forgetting all about relationships and taking out your lady friends to kick it breakfast style. Because nothing says love quite like maple bacon pancakes.

3. Bulgarian National Wine Day.


Yes, this is a thing that actually exists and yes, it's a totally legit reason to have all the booze (or, ya know, grape juice for you underagers) your heart desires. It's a cultural thing, so you can pretend you're cool and worldly, while binge drinking on this most special of days.

Or, if you're feeling festive anyway, check out our extremely classy and appropriate collection of Valentines to send to your boo.